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Christine Zecca

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Christine Van Camp Zecca
Christine Zecca MA is a shamanic practitioner with a grounding in the creative aspects of Jungian based depth psychology. This background enhances the integration potential of the healings she does on behalf of others, that have been received into the bodysouls of her clients. Christine is an artist with a MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and works with people interested in creating a connection to their own hidden treasures within. She encourages creative involvement with dreams, which is the Royal Road to the Imaginal Realm.

Christine paints from the imaginal realm as it comes to us through our insights into the Ensouled World ‘Anima Mundi’, and / or our own personal dreams that resonate with the larger Dreaming Universe. Her interest is primarily about the creative process and how it weaves our own destinies into the greater reality that surrounds us, feeding us with deep insights into our place in the world at this time of significant chaos. More about Christine

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"Christine is a natural healer. She brings clarity and conscious intention to her work. It is obvious that she has a passion for what she does and extensive training in a multitude of disciplines, yet also brings light-heartedness to the experience. I loved meeting Christine and felt instantly safe in her hands. She guided me through what was a painful and beautiful experience, much like being led from darkness to a fresh and dewy dawn. I felt myself purging and releasing years of traumatic experiences and internalized rage. I have an increased sense of peace and lightness in my own being. If you have the opportunity, go for it! I also feel really lucky that I live close enough to have the healing in person. The space is sacred with magic in the air." 
                ~Katharina, Santa Cruz, CA

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Dream paintings.
Dream paintings
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Christine Zecca