Christine Zecca

Christine Zecca paints from the imaginal realm as it comes to us through our insights into the Ensouled World ‘Anima Mundi’, and / or our own personal dreams that resonate with the larger Dreaming Universe. Her interest is primarily about the creative process and how it weaves our own destinies into the greater reality that surrounds us, feeding us with deep insights into our place in the world at this time of significant chaos.

These images will be available for purchase soon in paper prints, stretched canvas and gliceé style. More information about printing styles here.



Shamanic Dream Period

Futility of War Period Post 911

Saturn Returns Period/
Italian Saturn Return Period

Italian Period
Facing Family Herstory Period in Italy

Early Pattern Period


Contact Information:
Christine Zecca MA
Telephone: 415.233.2623

Christine Zecca