Christine Zecca


By Christine Van Camp Zecca

 Medium: Oil on Canvas Diptych

(each painting 19 5/8” by 55 1/8”)  

Italian Period

Lightning strikes the Cross that represents the Salvationistic Doctrine of Christianity that purports human’s are born flawed and need to be saved by an Off Planet Deity’s Son. This whole construct is crumbling, as it has been struck by lightning a force of nature. Within the sacred confines of the Duomo is a fragile blooming iris that represents the delicate life force of the cyclic qualities of nature in her feminine aspect. The great bison that was born out of the archetypal mother is now returning to her domain. The pillars that support the dome of this beautiful most feminine of the Italian cathedrals are black & white striped slabs of marble which could be the western version of the yin and the yang of the east holding up the blue firmament above. Within the cross they are tinted with the blood of many who worshiped under the trees.

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Christine Zecca