Christine Zecca


By Christine Van Camp Zecca


Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Diptych 51” by 33” each

Facing Family Herstory Period  

My grandfather with his capsized boat in a blood filled sea, offering me his unconscious patrimony. This was enough and fearing he would be required to pay inheritance taxes, he decided it would be better to disown his four granddaughters than pay for any entitlements to those less well off. A wealthy life of privilege is only for the select lonely few, even though it distorts any sane life he could have lived with less disparity. The reflective moon is waning and emptying out. My young self is contained within a flooded version of Albrecht Durer’s ‘Last Supper Etching’. Jesus and his 12 Disciples are under water and not present. Patriarchal religions do not protect vulnerable children from in house sexual predation.

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Christine Zecca