Christine Zecca


By Christine Van Camp Zecca  


Medium: Mixed Media
(oil paint & collage)

Futility of War Period Post 9/11

Photographs of George W Bush, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell are from a Time Magazine Special Edition when the Bush Administration was building its case for its attack on Iraq. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were against going to war but the Cabinet was gearing up as if obsessed. I created an Iconic rendering of an Authentic Bushman that was synchronistically from an advertisement from this same issue of Time. We see how light on his feet the hippopotamus is underwater. It is interesting to note that the hippo kills more humans each year than any other animal and they are herbivores. They do however become easily enraged and are quite easily carried off on raging rampages. The underwater scene represents being carried away unawares by the unconscious, when we are caught in something much bigger than our own personal grandiosities. The shards they are trampling underfoot are the remnants of what once was noble and great in our dying civilization. The prayer session is in the dark and a bomb lays un-detonated within. They are all standing upon a feminine ground of being and do not even realize it. There is a midnight sun rising out of the concentration of the women practicing their inwardly focused Yogic Meditation. The paradox is that the women meditating with eyes closed see more than all the rest of the players with their eyes open blindly walking into a nightmare.

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Christine Zecca