Christine Zecca


By Christine Van Camp Zecca  

Medium: Oil on Canvas 24” by 20”   

Saturn Return Period Re Family

The great emptying out of family expectations. A sacred dimension is being revealed. A friend leaps into a gathering wearing her golden mask. We all have one of these. My dearest aunt is shown as gnome with projector lens which is how she was shown in the same dream. In the last years of her life, she was projecting much on me with much disapproval.  I could never live up to her expectations. Unfortunately she became afflicted with dementia at the end of her life. Before she passed I showed photos of all of my recent paintings. She immediately stopped at this one & asked “who’s this?” pointing right at herself. I told it was her. She went “Humph!” and didn’t bat an eye. I was impressed that she picked up on this particularly accurate psychic image.

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Christine Zecca