Christine Zecca


By Christine Van Camp Zecca


Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dream Painting 40” by 48”

I had two powerful dreams of death & rebirth. One figure walked into a fire & was consumed until in the next dream I recognized him meditating in the lotus position within the fireplace. At the point when I become aware of him he unfolds & walks to me in his fiery state piercing my heart with his glowing finger. The pain is intense, but worth every bit of it. The other figure is of a person who could only get home by dying. I say okay, just get her home. Then I am shown picture of abandoned suitcases in a huge hanger, where guard above finds light emanating from one of the suitcases. He announces that he see signs of life. They go down to open it, and inside is a person meditating in water this time and beginning to set down roots below. Beneath is the fiery dragon who is at home in the water as well. 

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Christine Zecca