Christine Zecca


By Christine Van Camp Zecca  

Medium: mixed media Photos & Oil 2003

Futility of War Period post 9/11 19” by 15”

Photographic images and painted rendering of woman under burka are from Francesco Zizola’s photograph of the Khoja Bahauddin Camp for women and children waiting for a food distribution (Arms Against Fury: Magnum Photographers in Afghanistan, ed, by Robert Dannin, 2002, p.207). The photo of the Mujahidin reciting the Adan, Muslim call to prayer, at a rebel camp near Barakat was taken by Steve McCurry, another Magnum photographer (p.87). The ready to harvest Opium Poppy is holding the women and children trapped juxtaposed against the Mujahidin praying. Above their heads bloom the harmless and colorful European Poppies of Europe. Western civilization is instead addicted to power and matter.  

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Christine Zecca